Training Somatic Experiencing 2023-2025

Somatic Experiencing is a therapy developed by Peter A. Levine

Training Somatic Experiencing 2023-2025

On this page you can find all information about the Somatic Experiencing training (Group B).

The training consists of 3 years (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Each year consists of 2 modules of 6 days. Registration is possible per year.

Every year there is a different teacher. The teachers are officially recognized by SEI to teach the specific level. By working with different teachers, different influences of SE can be experienced. The language of instruction is English.


ModulesDatesTeachers SE Faculty
Beginner I/II10-15 March 2023Ursula Fürstenwald
Beginner I/II19-24 September 2023Ursula Fürstenwald
Intermediate I/II30 April – 5 May 2024Kavi Gemin
Intermediate I/II8-13 October 2024Kavi Gemin
Advanced I1-6 April 2025Dave Berger
Advanced II11-16 September 2025Dave Berger


Center Unit was chosen as the location. It is a beautiful location in the green near Leuven.

Further Information and Registration

You can find all further information via the menu on the left. Some details are not yet available but will be added as they become available. If you have already registered, you will also receive these updates directly via email. Registration is possible via the Registration form. Be sure to read all the information first.

Content SE Training

The Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner training consists of three different training years. The first year is called Beginner. The second is called Intermediate and the third year is the Advanced year of the course. Each year consists of 2 blocks of 6 days. The following topics are discussed each year:


Beginner (1st year of training):

  • Basic principles of Somatic Experiencing® such as titration and pendulation.
  • Physiological basis of trauma, both on a physical level and the theory of the nervous system and the brain.
  • Learning to work with sensations in the body ('felt sense').
  • Learning to work with resources and agency.
  • Learning to work with the Orientation Response and completing and energetically discharging it.
  • 'Coupling Dynamics' using 'SIBAM'. Restoring self-regulation.
  • Recognizing traumatic reactions and stabilizing them.
  • Using the interwoven skills to avoid retraumatization.
  • Trauma First Aid: working in acute situations.
  • Integration of Somatic Experiencing® trauma work into existing working methods.

Intermediate (2nd year of the course):

  • The theoretical insights into the different categories and causes of traumatic shock.
  • Deepening the basic principles of Somatic Experiencing®.
  • Learning to recognize the specific category of traumatic shock with which the client presents.
  • Learning to apply the correct principles in the specific different categories and causes of traumatic shock.
  • Deepening already acquired knowledge of the nervous system.

Advanced (3rd year of the course):

  • Learning to work with complex trauma and syndromes.
  • Introducing and integrating touch into a Somatic Experiencing® session.
  • Deepening knowledge about and methodology for stabilizing the autonomic nervous system (ANS) when working with complex trauma.
  • Deepening the polyvagal theory and applying it to complex trauma.
  • Learning to work with the concept of 'coherence' in an SE® session.
  • Learning to determine the scope to work more efficiently in a session.
  • Refining the use of touch for containment and coherence.
  • Deepening the basic principles of Somatic Experiencing® with highly sensitive clients.
  • Learning to work with the eyes in an SE® session.

The Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner training consists of three different training years

Practical information

Costs and Payment

You register for the first year of a three-year course. As soon as your registration is approved by the intake team, you are officially registered for the course. Payment for the training must be made in full before the start of the first module. You also commit to completing the three full years of the course, unless unforeseen circumstances mean that this is not possible. The accommodation costs must be paid at least 1 week before the start of the module.

€ 2160 per opleidingsjaar
Trauma Healing Belgium vzw has a registration number DV.O233316
€ 2200 bij gespreide betaling
(Prijs is exclusief verblijfskost en kost voor supervisies en persoonlijke sessies)

To pay the invoice for one year's training costs, you can choose between:

  • Het bedrag (2160 €) in één keer voor aanvang van de 1e module voldoen?
  • Voor aanvang van de eerste module tekenen van een overeenkomst tot gespreide betaling. Het bedrag van de trainingskosten wordt dan verhoogd tot 2200 € voor de administratieve afhandeling van het gespreid betalen.

Bij de trainingskosten zijn de kosten van het studiehandboek inbegrepen. Bij de verblijfskosten zijn koffie en thee inbegrepen. Copyright en het eigendomsrecht van het opleidingsmateriaal berust bij Somatic Experiencing Internationaal (SETI).

Other costs
During the training modules you will be guided by a team of assistants. Individual sessions and supervision during the modules and beyond, as well as study groups, must be paid for separately. The costs of individual and supervision are estimated at € 900 per year. For individual sessions with a primary assistant you pay €75, with a senior assistant €85. In the document rules & guidelines you will find more information in the pricing document you will find information about the price.

Accommodation costs
The overview of the accommodation costs can be found on the Location page.

Canceling the training
If you unexpectedly decide not to continue a year of training, you must report this in advance. You are not entitled to a refund of that year's training costs. Accommodation costs not yet invoiced do not have to be paid.

Bij annulering voor 2 maanden voor de start van de opleiding geldt er een administatieve kost van 50 €. Bij annulering vanaf 2 maanden tot 3 weken vóór aanvang van de cursus betaal je 20% annuleringskosten. Bij annulering vanaf 3 weken tot 7 werkdagen vóór de start betaal je 50% van het cursusbedrag. Bij latere annulering of als je niet annuleert / niet komt opdagen, betaal je 100% van het cursusbedrag. Het niet betalen van de deelnameprijs geldt nooit als annulering. Annulering dient schriftelijk (e-mail, brief) te gebeuren.

Taking place of a training year
A training year can only really take place with a minimum number of participants; If this is not achieved, your registration will be canceled and any money already paid will be refunded. You will be informed in a timely manner if a further training year is canceled.


Center Unity (near Leuven) was chosen as the location. It is a beautiful and large center with lots of nature at the rear (Forest). It is not possible to spend the night in the center. We will provide a list of overnight accommodations nearby after registration. The location will provide coffee breaks, lunch and (optional) dinner. We recommend everyone to also choose the evening meal, as this follows immediately after the last lesson and in the evenings there is sometimes an evening program, but also always room for personal or supervision sessions.

We are currently still working on determining the exact meals and prices, so the following is a first indication.

De kosten voor een koffiepauzes + middagmaal is ongeveer 190€
De kosten voor koffiepauzes + middagmaal en avondmaal is ongeveer 310 €

These prices are for a 6-day module and include VAT.

Aarschotsesteenweg 381
3111 Rotselaar – Wezemaal


Class times

Typical lesson times during the training modules are from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm. This may differ slightly every day if something were to be delayed or if something was stopped earlier. Only on the last day the afternoon will probably be shorter from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. You will receive an overview with the exact planning a few months before each module.

The reception will start at 9am on the first day. We ask everyone to arrive on time so that we can start the first session together at 10 am.

It is possible to schedule personal sessions and supervisions in the morning, lunch break and evenings. The environment of the location is natural. It is an ideal place to relax during breaks and integrate the learning material.

Admission criteria

To be admitted to the Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner training, the following criteria apply:

  • Minimum 25 years old
  • Participated in a recognized two-day SE intro (or equivalent workshop)
  • Professionally working in the field of healthcare, education or other work field where you come into contact with trauma. Example: (body-oriented) therapist, psychologist, doctor, physiotherapist, coach, trainer, teacher and others who (want to) work with people with trauma.

Introduction workshop and intake

Candidates must have attended a two-day accredited introductory workshop before the start of the training, during which assistants (who are also part of the intake team) are present to answer questions. It is advisable to have also had one or more personal SE sessions.

If the training criteria are not fully met, an intake interview can discuss whether there are sufficient skills and motivation to participate in the training. The rate for this is €90. In addition, the introductory workshop must still be followed.


This training has already started. If you wish to repeat a module or a year, or if you wish to transfer from another country to our course, please contact us via the contact form.

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